Real-time Status

Send real-time status information from your application to mobile. Provide yourself and/or your users with remote visibility into the things they are about.

Status Variable Examples

  • On/off/run state
  • Progress values
  • Server analytics
  • Stock prices
  • Weather information
  • ... whatever your application demands!

Status information can be sent up as a simple key/value pair, or as an array of key/value pairs making it extremely easy to update multiple values at the same time.

Sending Real-Time Updates

When a status value in your application changes you can notify Thingdom with a single line of code making that data instantly available through the Thingdom mobile application.

render.Status("progress", "50", "%");
$render->status("progress", "50", "%");
render.status("progress", "50", "%", function (result) {
	//Process result as desired
render.status("progress", "50", "%");
render.status('progress', '50', '%');
render.status("progress", "50", "%");

Through our online profile designer you choose how this information is presented to the user within the app giving you complete control over the end-user experience.

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