Profile Designer

Even though Thingdom controls the app released on the Google Play and iTunes stores, we give you the ability to control how users view their things in the app.

We allow you to configure the design of a thing’s profile page. The profile page for a thing is meant to contain all information users might want to know about that thing. We give you the power to customize this page through our online Profile Designer. We provide the building blocks for making the profile, and you can use those building blocks to create the user interface.

For most things, you will probably want to include important status information at the top of the profile. You can choose to show status information in a variety of ways.

Profile Options

Simple Status

The first is the Simple Status. This will just display the name of the status variable on the left side, and the current value for that status on the right.

Progress Bar

You can also show a status with a Progress Bar. You can set the minimum and maximum values for the progress bar, and the progress bar will update as the status is updated.

Status Bar

The Status Bar allows for more flexibility. The status bar has color, icon, and text properties than can be configured to show when a status takes on a specific value.

Command Button

You can also send commands with a Command Button. All you need to do is provide the string that should be sent when the button is tapped by the user. This command will then be sent to the appropriate command listener you have defined in your code where it can be processed.

You can also include other content on the profile besides status information. You can embed a YouTube Video and provide a Link to a webpage. You can even allow the user to call a phone number of your choosing with a single tap using our Phone Dialer option.

You can add, remove, and edit these options as you please.

When you are satisfied with the profile, simply hit the Live Publish button. The next time someone loads a thing with that profile they will see the changes you have published. Update the profile whenever you want.

We are continuing to add more options to the profile designer to make it even more powerful.

Do you have questions about how to use the designer? Or an idea for a new type of option to add to make our designer more powerful? Let us know.

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