Message Feed

The feed in Thingdom is a stream of all the messages from a user's things. These messages will be shown in one integrated feed, with the most recently occurring listed first, much like Twitter and Facebook. In the mobile app, feeds can be viewed by tapping the Feed icon.

It only takes one line of code to send a feed message.

render.Feed("render_fail", "My Other Project rendering failed.");
$render->feed("render_fail", "My Other Project rendering failed.");
render.feed("render_fail", "My Other Project rendering failed.", function( result ) {

render.feed('render_fail', 'My Other Project rendering failed.');
render.feed('render_fail', 'My Other Project rendering failed.');
render.feed("render_fail", "My Other Project rendering failed.");

Subscribed users will receive a notification according to their preferences. Push Notifications are enabled for all users by default, but users can also choose to be notified via text message and email.

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