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Create A Mobile Interface For Your C# Application Without Writing Mobile Code

Thingdom is a developer tool that allows any C# developer to interface with their C# code from the Thingdom mobile app.  Do things like send push notifications from C#, stream real-time status to a phone, and even receive callbacks in C# when a command is sent from your mobile device!

Thingdom is free for personal use and once you sign up you will have instant access to the API.  Simply download our DLL, include it in your Visual Studio project, plug in your API access key, and with a few new lines of code you can begin sending and receiving information from the Thingdom mobile app!

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Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users from your C# code.

thing.Feed("action", "This is a push notification!");

The Feed call triggers a push notification.  Your users simply need to enter a unique pairing code into the Thingdom app, and they will immediately begin receiving push notifications sent by your C# code!

We call it a “Feed” message because it also shows up in the app as a new Feed message.  This way, users can see their messages over time, and even from different things.  Also, individual users can also choose to receive an email or text message in addition to a push notification.

Common use cases:

  • Receive a push notification when a long-running process in your application completes

  • If you are running a web server, allow users to receive push notifications when important things on your site happen (they get a new message, new content is available to them, etc!)

  • Notify users when something important happens

Real-Time Updates

Stream real-time information to a mobile app with a single line of C# code.  Give users the ability to track important information through a mobile interface.

thing.Status("progress", progressBar1.Value.ToString(),"%");

Status variables can be anything: run states, progress values, stock prices, sensor values, server metrics, or anything you want!  Through the online profile designer choose how this information is presented to the user within the app.

Mobile Commands

Get C# callbacks when users interact and send commands from a mobile device!

Imagine starting or stopping something in your C# app from your phone! With Thingdom, it is super easy.  Just assign an event handler in your C# code, and whenever a command is sent from the mobile app, your C# code will immediately receive it and you can then do whatever you want with it!

thing.CommandReceived += new CommandEventHandler(CommandProcessor);
string CommandProcessor(object sender, CommandArgs args)
    if (args.Command == "restart")
        return "Rendering has been restarted.";

Online Designer

Customize the mobile app experience for your products online.  You design it online, and when you or one of your users enters your pairing code — they will immediately see the experience that you created specific to your application.

You can make updates however often you like — and changes are instantly available in the native app.

Thingdom is meant to be a generic Internet of Things app — so we let you customize and brand the experience however you want.  This way — your customers simply download Thingdom, enter the pairing code that you give them, and your "thing" appears with your branding and layout design just how you create it!

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